While enlisted in the U.S. Army, I was injured in an artillery accident which resulted in the loss of my left leg below the knee. While trying to recover from my injuries, my sedentary lifestyle from my youth crept back and I gained nearly 50 lbs. Not content with the easy road, I got back in the gym and worked my way back to running shape again in 2008. After years of weight fluctuations and mediocre results in the gym, I discovered CrossFit in 2010 after receiving an email from a friend with a list of WODs. Immediately addicted to the intense workouts and their results, I performed CrossFit on my own before joining a gym in August 2011.

I quickly became a source of personal information for other amputees looking to get in shape and learn CrossFit and Olympic Lifting. As a volunteer coach at CrossFit Walter Reed, I train Wounded Warriors and work on program outreach to the Wounded Warrior community. I get such a euphoric high from seeing Wounded Warriors push past their injuries and discover that they can work out with minor tweaks in range of motion or small modifications in movements.

As a family man, I am raising my two fire breathing children with my wife Rachel. My son is an accomplished soccer player, my daughter is a beautiful artistic flower and my wife is a budding CrossFit Alpha Female who is sure to skyrocket past me in Olympic Lifting. When not crossfitting, I enjoy Rucking with my GORUCK rucktards, running,  with or without a ruck, loud angry music and I routinely hide in the bushes and run down prey for dinner.

Reject your sense of injury, and the injury itself disappears. –Marcus Aurelius

In this great future, you cannot forget your past. –Bob Marley