Monday, October 15, 2012

Anything for a T-shirt!

I guess life sometimes gets a little too busy and things like coming up with blog posts fall to the back burner. Although I have about a half dozen posts queued up in various stages. Who knows when they'll actually get done......

Since my last post, to say I have been busy, would be a MASSIVE understatement. Besides the normal life in the Sturm household of dual career parents, music and sports for the kids and me coaching while my wife begins to mainline the CrossFit Kool-Aid; I returned to my old company and back into a job which is much busier than my last.

We have been hard at work coordinating the upcoming Working Wounded Games being held at CrossFit Rubicon on November 10th. We hope to have as many adaptive athletes as we can competing and to get this event to grow exponentially year after year. I seriously think that the more events adaptive athletes show up to and put on a show at, the more the greater CrossFit community will understand that not only can we compete but we WILL compete. And don't be afraid to admit when one of us wipes the floor with your ass!

This brings me to the heart of CrossFit. It's not about the cool socks, the shoes, the ripped abs or the callused hands. It's about family and T-shirts. I'm pretty sure any crossfitter can dig out a dozen CrossFit t-shirts from their closet. I'm not talking the shirts you buy from vendors. I'm not even talking about the t-shirts you buy from the boxes you visit. I'm talking about the t-shirts you earn through blood, sweat and tears in order to raise money for a worthy cause or to memorialize a fallen friend. This weekend, I had the opportunity to do both of these things. And yes, I have the t-shirts to prove it. 

Saturday morning, I joined my CrossFit Reston family to complete Barbells for Boobs. The box raised nearly $18,000 for breast cancer research. Although I had to perform the WOD (Grace) and hit the road because I was coaching, I enjoyed being able to do Grace (total tonnage) in 5:18 with 115# (36 reps). T-shirt earned!

In the afternoon, I joined other athletes at CrossFit Liberation in order to memorialize Atom Ziniewicz. I met Atom at a GORUCK event then had the opportunity to talk, at great lengths, with him about CrossFit and coaching at another event in July. Atom was tragically killed in Alaska in September. His death left a whole in so many of our hearts. We all miss him and wish he was still here with us.

Gathering at CrossFit Liberation, I was welcomed warmly and powered through the WOD with the express intent of honoring Atom the only way I knew how; through being a power house. I almost wish I could have done the entire WOD on my own in order to truly honor him.

T-shirt earned!

On Sunday, I partnered with my fellow CrossFit Rubicon coach, Mark Tippett for Fight for Mike. A WOD meant to aid in relieving Mike Hart and his family of the financial burden of his medical bills and care. Mike is suffering from an undiagnosed neurodegenerative disease which has wreaked havoc on his muscular and nervous system.

The WOD put together for this event was without a doubt, one of the toughest but the folks at CrossFit Old Town did one hell of a job. An uplifting experience made even better by being able to share with both my Rubicon and Reston families. T-shirt earned!

I will do anything for my family and a t-shirt. Part of being a community, which is what CrossFit calls itself, is coming out and supporting each other. After all, CrossFit is the sport of life! We train to be ready for anything and whether it's cancer, a neurological disease or the death of someone close to us or just the unknowing WOD, show your support. You'll make a memorable impression on people and you might just get another t-shirt!

My weekend rep total:

36 reps 115# Clean & Jerk

30 500# Tire flips
90 20# Sledge Hammers
21 Rope climbs
300 Air squats
102 Toes-to-bars
90 Overhead plate lunges 45#
15 Man makers 35#
60 Ring Pushups
450 Single unders
21 Deadlifts 275#
60 Box jump burpees
15 Squat clean thrusters 95#
60 sec Handstand holds
800m Ruck Run 45#
60 Ruck squats 45#
15 Ruck up downs 45#
60 Ruck ground to overhead 45#
800m Ruck Run 45#
34 Cal row

700m Partner run
70 135# Hang cleans
70 Wall ball shots 20#
70 Burpees
70 KB swings 53#
70 Push presses 95#
70 Pull-ups
700m Overhead plate carry 45#
700m Run