Friday, January 3, 2014

Staying humble...

I frequent The Chive daily and although the pictures of scantly clad women are great to look at, I find the other galleries just as interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I saw this logo pop up and it really spoke to me. Simple enough. "Work hard and Stay humble"

2013 was a humbling year for me. I've never been associated with the word scholar. I was not motivated in high school to perform my best in my classes. When I entered the Army, I found my calling but we all know how that came to an end. I used my VA educational benefits to get a degree from ITT Tech because I thought it would help me support my family. It has, but I hadn't found my second calling outside of the Army yet. ITT was easy. You do assignments, take an exam or two and earn easy grades. I guess that's why the degree doesn't transfer to any other public university save for the typical "for profit" schools. It wasn't until I discovered coaching CrossFit that I decided what I really want to do in life. This lead me to the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Again, I've never been referred to as a scholar. When I applied to become a Tillman Military Scholar, I hoped, but never really thought I would be awarded a scholarship and the chance to have my name associated with Pat Tillman or any of the other veterans working so hard to make changes in their communities. Being chosen was an extreme honor, then came the hard work.

I entered my first semester thinking I was going to "easily" transition and balance the work/school/family load.... WRONG! I fought my way through the semester and learned so many valuable lessons. Gone was my ability to workout 5 days a week. Gone was my ability to have a social life. Gone was my ability to continue coaching. I buckled down but the course load was tremendous considering I have to continue to work full time in a traditional 9-5 and attend school. The result was not what I expected nor what I hoped for.

Despite my efforts, I fell short of the required 3.0 GPA primarily due to what I now understand to be the widow maker. Human Anatomy and Physiology killed me. What's better is that I have to retake it. The semester truly humbled me and the result was me being placed on academic probation for the Spring semester with my scholarship in danger.

I am so grateful for the Pat Tillman Foundation for believing in me and selecting me. I am so gracious for my family and friends supporting me. And now, I know exactly what I need to do. I need to work hard and stay humble. This coming semester, look to me to become a bit of a recluse. You won't find me out and about. You will find me studying, working, volunteering and redirecting myself to everything that counts.