Monday, September 10, 2012

I got your back SSG Hamburger........

A Brick for SSG Hamburger and a Brick for the Hamburger family.
On August 5th, I embarked on a mission with over 60 other dedicated people. The mission was to ruck 31 Miles for 31 Heroes. In honor of these heroes, we chose to carry bricks. One brick contained the name and age of the fallen hero. The next brick contained the name of that hero's family in memorial of the burden they will forever carry from their loss. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the ruckmarch that day. I can deal with the pain of sore feet or having a physical issue which prevents me from completing such an important task. I can deal with those  things because I will never quit for such reasons when my mission is to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. What I couldn't bear dealing with was the fact that a mechanical failure in my prosthetic leg lead me to bow out.

I vowed to complete the march. The immense weight I felt having SSG Hamburger's bricks the only bricks that did not complete was almost too much for me to bear. I feel a great sense of personal responsibility. I feel it's left up to me to ensure he is not forgotten.

On September 9th, I gathered with a great group of people. Two of my fellow coaches from CrossFit Rubicon; Mark Tippett (a former Army officer) and Tiffany Harrison (our young firebreather of a CrossFit coach) as well as two incredible ladies from the gym; Margo Corum  and Danna Glover (don't call her Dana).  We set out to complete the journey. Despite having an obvious problem with my hip (again), there was no way I was not completing this journey. As a true GRT, I gritted my teeth, leaned on my team mates and healed any pain with A.C.R.T.
Danna Glover, Margo Corum, Tiffany Harrison, Mark Tippett, Jason Sturm and SSG Hamburger in front of the White House. September 9th, 2012       

We completed the journey in the early afternoon and met up with fellow GRT Terry Ford at Arlington National Cemetery. The total mileage was just around 12 miles. I feel at peace having been able to complete this important part of the journey with SSG Hamburger, but I have not yet begun to finish our journey together.

Until next years 31 Heroes Weekend, I will carry these bricks in my ruck. No matter what happens, these bricks will be with me for every training run, every training ruck, every body weight WOD and every event I do. I will carry him on every race, the GORUCK DC Scavenger, The Army Ten Miler, The Bataan Memorial Deathmarch and the GORUCK GRC in Normandy France.

I have your back SSG Patrick Hamburger. You will not be forgotten!